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PostSubject: Community Spirit   Community Spirit EmptyTue Sep 16, 2014 8:08 am

Hi guys, as you can see my name's Spetzzzz (Conor).. I used to play BR and was a member for 8 seasons beginning in S11 until I lost motivation for the game in S19.. I'm back now though and am enthusiastic to help the community! I know ye might be thinking "who does this lad think he is" or whatever but I noticed in one of the election threads that someone said there had only been two posts on the offsite since June! I would like to see our community more active than this and I hope all of ye do too!

Basically this is just to notify everyone of who I am and that I want to help us re-establish a booming offiste and make Zimbabwe interesting and get more people other than the dedicated few giving their thoughts and contributing to the community spirit!

Conor Zim Flag
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Community Spirit
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