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 Interview: TomasPp

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Interview: TomasPp Empty
PostSubject: Interview: TomasPp   Interview: TomasPp EmptyWed Nov 28, 2012 2:21 pm

Today I decided to take a trip down to the Midlands to welcome our new arrival TomasPp to Zim and enjoy a slice of Barro Lucco and a glass of Pisco Sour. I was given a grand tour of the Casa Joaco stadium. The South American ties are clearly evident throughout the stadium (I based this on the skip full of burnt out flares in the car park) and boasts a capacity of 16,706. 16,000 passionate Latin fans will surely make this a formidable place to visit.

Hello TomasPp, thanks for your hospitality and for giving me the time to interview you. I hope you aren’t distracted by lovely assistant Shaniqwah taking the minutes of our meeting, wearing nothing but a loin cloth. *magic mutters “foxy little lady”. She can crack walnuts with her cheeks you know?
I was unaware, but I do feel sorry for the first guy she tried that trick with.
It was awkward when he asked people to sign his cast.


1. Please introduce yourself.
My name is Tomas, I'm from Chile. I'm a terrible manager but I've been around long enough to trick a couple of good players into joining my ranch.

2. What made you choose a move to Zimbabwe and how are you finding the experience so far?
They tricked me saying we were going to Disney Sad. Though I was initially heartbroken and Mickey-less, I'm glad to be here since the community and National teams performances are awesome.
Mickey-less? must have met Shaniqwah before.

3. What are your clubs ambitions for this season?
I'm aiming to promote in my league, get a good cup run and pull a decent YA player. Regarding the negative aspects, avoid losing too many members (or make them contagious before they betray me) and get used to lower sponsorships.

4. If you could start your club over again what things would you do differently, or would you play it the same?
I don't regret too many things. Although, if I were to have more free time, I'd play a bit more with the TM to become as rich as Mr Burns.

5. Please tell us who your favourite player from your team is and why?
It would be a tie between Dario Fuller and Blair Dawson. The first one is my first U20 star and the second one is as fierce and unstoppable as a honey badger (thanks spot for enlightening us) and trained hard since he was 17 y/o as well.

6. Who are your team’s biggest rivals?
McDonalds and the stripping clubs at the moment. Being new, I have no enemies yet, but I'm guessing I'll find soon enough a rivalry in Zim. I'd challenge spot in a Zim's newbies deathmatch, but his team will probably rape mine.

7. Why did you name your team Ratby? And can you tell us about your name TomasPp?
My team is called Ratby because our football coach was always asking us to train and kick the ball as hard as we did when we played 'Ratby'. TomasPp was due to pure lazyness, since I already had the same login name in another online game and I have a limited mental capacity.

8. What would you consider to be the best moment or achievement for your team so far?
I think it was getting 2nd place in the Chilean Cup. (Though no one should ever know I lost on my LTNT vs a Normal by 50 points or so)

9. Do you support a particular team in RL or indeed play for one?
Here in Chile most clubs are made up from the ex-students from each school. So I support and used to play in my school's club

10. What are your favourite Band/ Song of all time and/or currently?
Foo Fighters! I was lucky enough to see them this year in Chile's Lollapalooza. I'd also like to give Oasis an honourable mention. By the way, I've been always meaning to ask, do you have this type of music in your countries: <- Reggaeton

11. As part of a new initiation…Can you sing us a limerick to sum you and your team up?
In a galaxy far far away,
I arrived, everyone said yay.
So Zim be prepared,
Though I know you are all scared.
For rhyme's sake I'll say May.

12. What would you do if a purple headed unicorn flew over a rainbow and drop kicked a mongoose over a sleeping rhino?
Probably pour a bit more of CocaCola to my drink

13. If you were an animal what one would you be and why?
A dog. I envy mine. Were we able to say a magicoctopus or you dislike competition?
it wouldn't have been fair to the other animals

14. If you had a superpower what would it be and why?
Goku's teleport! Dragon Ball Z, anyone?

15. Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thanks for the interview! I'll be signing autographs tomorrow evening.

So that brings this interview to an end. I would like to thank TomasPp for taking time out fr this interview in midst of exams. It's safe to say all of Zim wish you luck in your exams.

PS. In no way shape or form should anyone slag Fatman for thinking TomasPp was from the Czech Republic instead of Chile. Razz

Thats it from me, I'm magicoctopus

you stay classy Zimbabwe
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Interview: TomasPp
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