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 Season 15 Preview II.2

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Season 15 Preview II.2 Empty
PostSubject: Season 15 Preview II.2   Season 15 Preview II.2 EmptyWed Apr 11, 2012 5:38 am

Div II.2 preview
With Disaster heading a challenging league this is a league not for the faint hearted. With Komodo promoting there is even less space for those desperate to stay in division II.

1. Rising Rebels
Manager: disaster (nominated for Zim most improved manager of the year)
Won II.2 Season 14

The rebels had an impressive squad that allowed them to win the league via the play offs and this has been further bolstered by some experienced signings. The twin graduates from the U20s (Turcotte & Makedenge) to the National team will be continuing to develop throughout the season and so the higher echelons of the squad will only improve. They will act as a good target for the latest starlet O’Sullivan who has been ear-marked for a staring role in the coming U20 world cup. A few injuries would see the squad tested to its limits but the first XV would be competitive in any setting. Can disaster build on his previous success, very likely – but in another well rounded league no game can be taken for granted.

Prediction: 1st

2. South African Sharks
Manager: Droos
Came second in II.2 S14

Droos has a squad that punches above its CSR weight. Despite a recent glut of sales the rebels are a buying team although the advent of giant and S16 hopeful Baragwannath could prove the start of a long international production line for the sharks. Never shy of a quick witted word nor of provocative mind-games Droos will be sure to cause some headaches in the league and other competitions this year. Further purchases, are likely to be needed to conquer the league, but he may be content for another season of consolidation this year, aiming for the ‘big push’ next season.

Prediction: 2nd

3. Harare Golden Lions
Manager: George Pau
Finished 3rd in S14

The lions are brimming with experience. Not known for wholesale changes, this season is no different with only bit part players on the move. A lack of international representation should not be seen as a weakness and is a sign of the single-mindedness of George’s approach in becoming a highly respected manager. It will be one of the challenges of the new U20 management regime to try and further harness the talent in the Lions and persuade them to train a monster for the good of both club and country.

Prediction: 4th

4. Shiny Squirrels
Manager: Sean (the original)
Finished fourth in S14

S14 was uncharacteristic for Sean with no domestic trophies for the first time in 5 seasons, he did however bring back a continental trophy, much to the reflective pride of Zimbabwe. One has to thing it is unlikely that he will fail to lift domestic silverware for a second successive season. Seam Everard is the catnip for the older generation of the squad and again Sean preaches a philosophy of stability in the ranks. His squad is settled and they all know their roles, allowing his team to punch above their collective weights. A canny manager and an experienced side is a combination not to be overlooked, despite the competitiveness of the league. He may need one/two more purchases to secure the league however.

Prediction: 3rd

5. Super Cool People
Manager: animal
Another impressive season for the 2 season Zimbabwe veteran. In a tough league he managed several shocks last season with victories away to the rebels and away to the lions, missing out on the play-offs by only by a single league point. His cover is broken this season however and he may have work even harder for those victories this season. The quality in his squad does drop off around the peripheries but he can still boast current Zimb U20 Joo So (god bless the lax immigration). The quiet behavior on the Tm is likely to represent a consolidation of his wage structure, but he is unafraid to make significant changes to his squad if deemed necessary. For that fourth place – it might be…

Prediction: 5th

6. Shamenco
Manager: fede15963
Finished 6th in II.2 S14

Shamenco found life understandably tough in the second division, although he survived comfortably. He has a clear strategy of youth purchases and hard graft on the training pitch. This has undoubtedly settled the accountant’s nerves as his assets vs outgoings must be very impressive. The very sensible long term strategy may have to evolve this season with the added quality into the league. Survival will be on the squad’s minds but they will continue to be bullish in their outlook. Perpetual glances at the results of others is not fun and they will be desperate to have their destiny in their own hands come the end of the season.

Prediction. 7th

7. MK Komodo
Manager: Jimbo210
Finished winners of III.8

The dragons (probably an official nickname) have been quiet of late, having purchased to secure their promotion. It is unclear how much further investment they feel will be needed to survive in the second division. He will be hoping that he can consolidate and streamline resources this season without undue expenses, allowing for a more aggressive and sustainable philosophy next season. With several teams having to be relegated Komodo will fear the drop more than most. He will need to show astute management and energy management to defeat the drop, but there is no reason why he cannot – well there are 6 other reasons really. It is a tough ask, but he has had a good start.

Prediction: 6th

8. Weerlig Mossies
Manager: Finix
Winner of III.3

The Mossies are clear underdogs for the league and near certainties for relegation. Their youthful and inexperienced team will benefit greatly from the experience from their time in the upper league and who ever heard of anyone winning anything with kids? Hopefully the label of perceived “easy fodder” by the rest of the league will allow the opportunities to spring surprises with well timed TNTs and coupled with the odd purchase, the fact that there are 2 closely matched teams ahead in the league may allow a chink of light to remain in the league. If that was achieved then I think manager of season 15 would be sorted already.

Prediction: 8th
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Season 15 Preview II.2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Season 15 Preview II.2   Season 15 Preview II.2 EmptyWed Apr 11, 2012 5:27 pm

Wow Flint, bloody well done mate! I always prided myself in my writing, but damn, you surely take the crown when it comes to effort and article production!
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Season 15 Preview II.2
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