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 Season 15 II.1 preview

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Season 15 II.1 preview Empty
PostSubject: Season 15 II.1 preview   Season 15 II.1 preview EmptySun Apr 08, 2012 4:32 am

II.1 preview:

The second instalment of the league previews looks at the first of the 2nd leagues.
A closely fought league where the cat has firmly been put amongst the pigeons with the promotion of another very strong team in Haystack. The revelation that JohnButler could be considering his position could unsettle the league with some of the more “fringe” teams increasing their resolve to challenge for honours. This could be thrown yet further into chaos should John reverse his previous decision.

1. Modernian Nutcrackers
Manager: Charlieh
Won II.1 in Season 14.

A strong outfit, exemplified by the promotion of Terence stamps to the full national team after the U20 WC finished and the presence of Mitchell who is already at 71K CSR at 18 years old. A strong principle of promoting from within may need to change to consistently challenge for promotion and then win the play off – likely to be necessary to gain full access to the top tier of leagues. Expectations will be high this year and Charlie is likely to be a marked man. Whether he can manage those expectations will be interesting to see.
Prediction – 3rd

2. Cantankerous gnomes
Manager: JohnButler
Finished second in II.1 Season 14

JohnButler has been an enigma in recent seasons. An undeniable force in the game but has appeared to be distracted, to the point of considering whether he wants to continue running his team at all. There are signs of recent transfer activity which may hint at a change of mind which would cause a sigh of desperation for the rest of the league but a sigh of relief from the rest of the Zimbabwe. A very strong squad that nearly won the league playing WNWIM throughout the season. Continued training of Ian Henry would continue his emergence as a versatile and trusted member of the NT. How The gnomes fair this year will be entirely down to how JohnButler approaches the season. A final place is his for the taking, but will he want it?
Prediction 1st

3. Clean Mugs
Manager: Cleanmug
Came 4th in II.1 last year.
Another team with a strong continuity ethic, and a very healthy balance from transfers. Probably exceeded expectations last year despite a strong squad with several Zim representatives. With the influx of another very tough side you feel that Cleanmugs need to invest in experienced campaigners to bolster their efforts. If he does though, you have to feel that he stands a very good chance of not only causing upsets but causing fear in his opponents as well. It would be good for him to expand his trophy cabinet, whether that is through joining in with CCs or by a top 3 finish is not clear.
Prediction 6th

4. Yellow Submarine Crew
Manager richardturner
Came 5th in II.1 last year.

Once the self-professed “most hated manager in England” has settled in Zimbabwe and been a true asset to the community. He has produced young talent and trained up established NT members and he has stratospheric aspirations for Shepperson who has been nominated as NT player of the season. At 209cm he could be the zenith of the NT forwards for the next part of decade [you mean the next 10 seasons? – Ed Wink]. A shrewd but infrequent user of the transfer market. He has a WC eligible 17 year old who will bulge his pockets with change, so I am sure that will be invested equally wisely. Hopefully his interview features, much appreciated last year, will be able to continue this year and allow him the upper hand in the battle of the minds that BR presents.
Prediction: 2nd

5. Zimbabwe Warriors
Manager: Manic_Monday
Came 3rd in II.1 last season.

An aging team has mixed benefits. The experienced nature of their better players means that they tend to take advantage of what opportunities they create. The strength in depth of the squad relative to the other teams is weak, although Manic appears to have an eye for a bargain. He will need to invest his winnings to maintain a podium finish. The up side of having a relatively weaker squad is that there will be opportunities to spring surprises and woe betide any teams who take them lightly.

Prediction 4th

6. Westwoods Mercenaries
Manager: Westwood
Came 6th in II.1 last season

Westwood has been increasingly bullish about his chances. He has been dining out on an amazing sale of U20 Kamwendo for 3.5 million to Bosh & Nhema for 600k. The purchases have been underwhelming and the squad has a lobsided nature with Prior over twice the CSR of the next player. He has elevated expectations from the community having won several community nominated awards and must be a marked man. With the increased competition in the league it is a possibility that for all Westwood’s bravado without splashing his cash he will be looking down rather than looking up. He will be in for fights on several fronts, being defending champion of the Super Zim Cup. Taking his eye off the ball could make the whole house fall down.

Prediction: 7th

7. Haystack
Manager: lad
Won III.12 against the odds last year.

Lad, (my favourite phrase for when I don’t know what someone is called, or chap, mate, mucker) has an ominous squad, worthy of serious consideration for the league. Haystacks are a giant of a team and big daddy Lad has established history of training some epic youngsters and he is another team that brews his own from within. With an establish team and game plan it is likely that he will hit the ground running and has the element of surprise on his side (although quite how he can hide that many 100+K CSR youngsters is a mystery). He is likely to have a war chest up his sleeve with the winnings from the league. A few experienced purchases and he could challenge at the top of the league. A dangerous proposition for every team in the league.

Prediction: 5th

8. Purple Head
Manager: head
Won promotion from III.11
A new team with an aggressive purchasing strategy that has assembled a respectable squad. It is unfortunate that in this league it looks to be a step too far for head to survive. If he is canny and short sighted then he could survive but it is unlikely that he will benefit from this strategy. It is likely to be of more benefit to utilize all the IGT available with a young squad and accept that relegation is probable. Of course the sensible course of action is not necessarily the right one and it will be interesting to see how much fight there is in Head. Challenges are meant to be tough, to be enjoyable. This one might be masochistic though.

Prediction 8th

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Season 15 II.1 preview Empty
PostSubject: Re: Season 15 II.1 preview   Season 15 II.1 preview EmptySun Apr 08, 2012 5:12 am

Another very interesting read flintoff.
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PostSubject: Re: Season 15 II.1 preview   Season 15 II.1 preview EmptyThu Apr 12, 2012 9:01 am

Completely forgot about my self pronounced "most hated manager in England". How on earth did you remember that?

Also a great read, keep it up. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Season 15 II.1 preview   Season 15 II.1 preview EmptySun Jul 01, 2012 1:17 am

It looks like these energy levels don't matter at all , it is very frustrating to lose o a team that has energy levels below 50 % both teams playing LTNT and i have energy levels almost perfect for all players ... and i also play home Neutral not even a fucking defensive bonus point !!

PS : not very accurate predictions Smile
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Season 15 II.1 preview Empty
PostSubject: Re: Season 15 II.1 preview   Season 15 II.1 preview Empty

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Season 15 II.1 preview
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