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 Season 15 I.1 preview

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PostSubject: Season 15 I.1 preview   Season 15 I.1 preview EmptyThu Apr 05, 2012 1:22 am

An example of the previews I am hoping to do:

In conjunction to posting this I will Email all the managers informing them of the preview and that it is being posted on the Offsite (providing a link).

I will also post a link on the main page to offsite and the article. Some days later (TBC) I will re-post the preview on the global page but will also post it in the league forum so that comment can be made as the league progresses. Hopefully this will form some debate.

I.1 preview
This season’s premiership is an absolute ripsnorter. With the advent of Flopman’s white Walkers in the top flight the universal requirement for new underpants has been smelt throughout the division. The quality of the promoting sides really throws the top flight into flux.

1. Epic Eagles
Manager: Thinus.
Last year’s performance: Defending Champions and nominee for manager of the season.

Thinus’s squad is littered with international quality and he has become a training ground for names synonymous with the Zimbabwe NT. Wolhunter, Hawkins and Cuckow, as well as the Australian international Keogh at a whopping 304k CSR. He has an eye on the U20s and with current U20 international Mugade (although with the current attitudes of the U20 managers elect, how long he will be in the squad for who can say?).

There appears to be money in the war chest with no recent purchases and the recent sale of current Zim international Timmins

Prediction for the coming season 2nd.

2. Black Veez
manager: walkzzter
Last Year’s performance: runner up in I.1

Strength in depth and a lack of weaknesses form the most part of the Black Veez squad. The jewels in the crown are Zimbabwe international Buzzard and Chiefari who would grace any squads in the world.

Transfers have been relatively stagnant over the last few months for walkzzter, although one must suspect that he is itching to spend his winnings, and a new block buster addition could be on his way.

Prediction for the coming season 4th

3. Reading Royals
manager: Muzza
Last year’s performance: third in 1.1

Muzza is in a self confessed transitional period with a lot of his stalwarts and experienced squad members having been sold. This has naturally taken the gut out of his squad as things stand. He still has 2 U20 internationals Kwashula and Challender (at a bean stalk 206cm) but in it’s current state Muzza is going to struggle to win many points. With the strength of the teams promoting stability and regeneration appear to be in the forefront of his mind. That said, no league will want Muzza to be relegated to their league. Unfortunately relegation looks a near certainty barring seismic changes despite his undoubted commitment and skill as a manager.

Prediction 8th

4. Muffin Chuckers
manager: Squeaks.
Last year’s performance: fourth in I.1

School children dream about attending the training sessions at the Chuckers’ Arena for the squad is glittering with stellar names, the most glamorous of all, for the Zimbabwe youngsters in Skip Lumley. He casts a shadow even on the imperious Royston, for community adulation. These names, however conceal a hidden soft underbelly with the squad caused by recent fire-sale. The fringe players being full of potential but of limited ability, early season upsets could be on the cards against Squeaks unless these holes are plugged.

Prediction 3rd

5. Temporarily Unavailable
manager: Mattttt
last year’s performance: 5th in I.1

Mattt’s attention’s this year are very much split. As our glorious leader for the National Team it would be excusable for him to be unable to keep 2 eyes on all his club issues. This is couples with the desire to form a wholly Zimbabwe team. A noble albeit foolhardy aspiration [Aren’t all the best ones – Ed]. His squad has recently been relieved of numerous flags due to the aging of his players but the ones, remaining, however lonely are still highly impressive. Finnevar is a leading candidate to get NT player of the season and the additions of former U20 internationals Jones and Lee can only strength his goals. Is survival possible? It is going to be tricky and yet more investment is going to be required to cement his position in the league, but the Fagan of BR is likely to be able to find a way.

Prediction: 6th

6. Hurricanes
manager: yaya
last year’s performance: 6th in I.1

There is too much quality in yaya’s squad to go down this year. There are several DN players chomping at the bit to reveal their new-found allegiances to Zimbabwe and they form the backbone of a very decent squad, already boasting the precocious Wylam. Several weeks ago it was not clear if yaya had the desire to fight for his place in the top flight but recent purchases have revealed an inner mettle some had questioned. Will the band of mercenaries meld? Will it be enough? It is unfair, but 2 need to get relegated and I fear that yaya, will be on the end of Mattt’s deviousness.

Prediction: 7th.

7. The Golden Company
manager: Mbax
last year’s performance: 1st in II.4

Momentum is with The Golden Company, their promotion was deserved and their squad is solid and peppered with starlets, the brightest is Lucas du Randt, on whose shoulders the hopes of a nation rest. Edgy forays in the TM reveal a stable squad rather than a lack of aspirations and the quality should be enough to keep Mbax in the top flight. He will be targeted by those around him though and it has to be seen whether he can turn The Castle black into the fortress it needs to be.

Prediction 5th

Finally there is White Walkers
Manager: flopman
Last year’s performance: 1st in II.3

All I can say is that the league Flopman left is very glad he has gone away and good riddance. A behemoth of a team lead by French internationals Pound and Sygala. Known for his upper tier TM dealings Flopman’s squad carries a weight that few can resist. A slight reluctance to alter his tactics is negated through sheer skill point power and a squad that is worthy of the top 50 in the world. Can anyone beat him? Well, he has shown that he will focus on both the cup and league so it is likely that he will not go undefeated in the league but he will be raring to go come the play-offs, and even without home advantage he will require some extraordinary feat to stop him completing a Zimbabwe double.

Prediction 1st.

The favourites are there to be taken down, however, and given the quality of this league. Nothing is certain.

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PostSubject: Re: Season 15 I.1 preview   Season 15 I.1 preview EmptyThu Apr 05, 2012 1:49 am

Brilliant article!!

Honestly though my team is dreadful this season. I predict 4 points tops. Neutral
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PostSubject: Re: Season 15 I.1 preview   Season 15 I.1 preview EmptyThu Apr 05, 2012 5:08 am

Aye Brilliant article , Fatman has been a phenom as lead Journo in fact we've always been blessed with some of the best journos in BR and i'm willing to provide my vote to unearth another gem in Flint . Good luck hope you get the job
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PostSubject: Re: Season 15 I.1 preview   Season 15 I.1 preview EmptyThu Apr 05, 2012 8:04 am

Yeah great read that!! Nice one flint!!
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PostSubject: Re: Season 15 I.1 preview   Season 15 I.1 preview EmptyThu Apr 05, 2012 8:07 am

Spot on about my team as well flint.

Mattt - you should get at least 8 points (you have to play me twice)
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PostSubject: Re: Season 15 I.1 preview   Season 15 I.1 preview EmptyThu Apr 05, 2012 10:15 pm

oowowow lot of pressure What a Face
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PostSubject: Re: Season 15 I.1 preview   Season 15 I.1 preview Empty

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Season 15 I.1 preview
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