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 Best of ask Hipop thread (old)

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Best of ask Hipop thread (old) Empty
PostSubject: Best of ask Hipop thread (old)   Best of ask Hipop thread (old) EmptyThu Dec 23, 2010 2:08 am

This is just bits of the legendary "ask Hipop" thread in BR clubrooms. Some stuff outdated, but other thiongs massively relative, especially ME tips.

Pages 1 - 10

Can you please clarify the effect that a players stamina has on their performance during a game...?

Every 20 minutes stamina effects are recalculated and applied to your players. Stamina can have a major impact on your players performances.

Does playing WNWIM or LTNT have an effect on these stamina changes in game?
In other words...imagine two players, both entering the game with equal stamina and perfect fitness Player A is playing normal, Player B is playing LTNT.
Will player B's stamina reduction (in-game) be more severe than player A's?

LTNT has a much higher energy loss after the game. But the stamina drops in the game will be similar (except that some modifications are made, so WNWIM will cause a stamina loss before the game has even kicked off, while LTNT will give the player higher than normal stamina). So player B actually will perform better because he starts with a higher stamina level as both lose stamina levels at the same rate in the game.

Captain needs leadership and experience. Just wanna know if one of those is more important and how far...
Thanks in advance

They are both important. Try using this formula to work out who should be captain.
3xleadership + 2xexperience = Good captain!

What effect does form have on a player’s individual performance? For example, does having reputable form means that he will play will play at 1.2 x skill, or limited form equals 0.7 x skill. I have found that players with non-existent form can have great games, so am rather confused how form affects a player’s game

You are pretty on the mark with the effect of form. Remember that ultimately the game is a bit of luck, so a few good dice rolls could see a player out of form, or not that great have a blinder.

Say you have two players, both have perfect energy levels, both play in same team, what happens with Energy during a match?
Player A = 20 Stamina
Player B = 1 Stamina
After 20mins does Player A lose less energy than Player B?

Both lose energy at the same rate. Skill's deteriorate at a different rate.
But the guy with 20 stamina will recover much quicker.

so with the changes to locks and jumping at the lineout....
how can we work which lock is better at securing lieneout ball when comparing height and jumping
for example during a lineout which would be more succesful
lock 206 cm 9 jumping, or lock 200cm 11 jumping

Depends on a lot of factors. Who lifts the player, where they are in the lineout (4 or 5) etc. Both would be great, though I would still pick the taller guy as he has a built in height advantage

So a coach lvl 3 with fac lvl1 will be as efficient as a coach lvl 1 (except that he provides 2 more team sessions).
What about coach lvl 3 with fac lvl4? is the coach more efficient that with a facility lvl3?

No he isn't. Better facilities just provides more training slots.

do you think there is a preference between the two locks to which one jumps and recieves the ball more ofter due to position or skills, or are 4 and 5 equally preferred?

I would suggest putting your taller/better lock at 4. That's all I am going to say about that.

Pages 11 - 20

the spreadsheet ratio is not that good, esp security minimum is

Hos. S.: 250:1
Sec: 200: 1 (personally i use 180:1)
Main. W: 5000:1
Cleaning: 700:1
Enterta: 1000:1

Good info, saved me some money there.

What factors contribute to a Scrum being 'Turned' over?

Combined strength/technique and a bit of luck (and weight). Which come together to provide a higher chance of a turnover.
At the end of the day, it is a dice roll that affects things, so extreme results will occur from time to time (like lineouts where a 170cm guy hits that 1% chance that he will steal the ball from a 215cm guy)

Will a player with Psychotic aggression, and Flawless discipline concede penalties in the same way as a Timid/Rebellious?

i.e. one stat really turnover seeking, but penalty conceding, the other stat the exact opposite.

Never thought about that before, but discipline is the only element taken into account when conceding penalties.

Is the standing and uncovered seats effected by the weather, say if it is raining, snowing or gusty winds, will there be a smaller crowd in those specific areas?

My suggestion is dump standing seats when upgrading. Will change the spreadsheet I host during the holidays so it doesn't advise to upgrade those seats.
As for the weather affecting things, I haven't seen any evidence that it affects it enough to make it a consideration.

why dump standing seats? what is the problem with them?

Plenty of people have sent me info showing that standing seats make in profit approx 22c a seat when full. If not full it cuts the income to a point that you can easily make a loss.

Hey Hippo, whats the difference between pick-and-go and driving...aren't they basically the same???

Pick and go is picking the ball from the base of the ruck, while driving is usually a pass to a player running one or two off who makes a charge(drive).

When would you advise a new manager to upgrade his stadium and coaches?
Also, should I upgrade to level 2/3 coaches before even considering upgrading my facilities?

As per the docs, no point upgrading coaches if the facility hasn't been done, as they still only get the previous level training. As for the upgrade timeframes, I am monitoring my cash flow currently, I think I may be on target to be able to do it by the end of the first season. Really I think L1->L2 can be done by end of first season, while L2-L3 can be done by end of season 2. But you must be good with your finances or you could get yourself into trouble (as you will also need to upgrade your stadium for the finances to be there).

I don't quite understand this part of the game, can you have more than one attack coach to use the extra sessions?

Yes. I had in my previous team 3xattack coachs, and 2xdefence coaches. I thought that was perfect.

is putting loads of money into your academy the reason some of you guys make millions?

I am putting in 50K a week, and my youth pulls have been poor. The best way to make money is to identify players with 9 in a key skill, and train it to 10 (or 11). Put aside say 5 sessions for doing this, and you will be flush with cash in no time.

If you had to choose, which one would need more Attack #6 / #7?
For the opposite too, which needs more Defence #6 / #7?

Just maxmise the attack in both really. When the player is involved in a play, you want him to be able to perform. Thus why those who saw the players I sold, realised that I created all round players.

So is the facility as important as the coach???

Yes, they're both limiting factors. Training will only be good as the minimum level between the two.

L1 coach, L4 fac == L4 coach, L1 fac

L2 coach, L2 fac would beat both...

Who would be better to be a captain out of these two?
1. Admirable Leadership, Average Experience
2. Impressive Leadership, Horrible Experience

Only 1 level difference between leadership but 3 levels in experience.

Number 1 easy.

I use leadership x 3 + experience x 2 when choosing a captain.

If one would be fortunate enough to have a big, strong pack with good technique, and let us assume for argument's sake all of the opponent's attributes are the same, which tactic would be the best: driving or pick up and go?
And 2ndly: Is driving done primarily by the pack and pick up and go by everyone?

You do need a spread of all the types of attack. Though driving would be preferable (but do remember that backs do make it to the breakdown first at times, and most have poor technique!)

Do you think technique is important for all backs?

Yes, it helps a lot, especially when you make a linebreak and are stopped (or the other team does). Much easier to keep or turnover the ball.

Does the ME take into account differences between the weight of opposing players when a team is driving?

Not that I am aware of. Though I haven't seen the code, so it could, but I doubt it does. That said, really strength is more important than weight here, so heavier players train strength faster, so if you focus on that, you should have the advantage you are after anyhow.

I see that having tall props helps with lineout lifting.
In your opinion, is it better to have a tall heavy front row for lineouts or a short heavy front row for scrums? In other words do you win more lineouts with a relatively tall front row (since most managers try to keep their front rows short) or do you win more scrums by trying to compete with other short heavy front rows? (All tactics equal at average for each tactic)

I go with a compromise between the 2. I tend to look for props between the 185cm-195cm mark.

I see that having an oddly sized front row hurts scrummaging ability.
In your opinion, which front row below is better (all else being equal)?

Loosehead: 190cm 115kg
Hooker: 189cm 115kg
Tighthead: 190cm 115kg

Loosehead: 208cm 130kg
Hooker: 179cm 128kg
Tighthead: 196cm 130kg

The first lot are a lot better. Too much variation in height in the 2nd one, and no team in the world would put a pack together like that. I know ME changes I tended to push are about real world situations, as I would like this to be more of a game that anyone could play knowing a little about rugby.

Would a player with 10+ handling, attack, defence, speed and agility but only 5 strength be a reasonable choice for outside centre, or would the lack of strength cripple him in that role?

He should be fine. Remember that the dev's are kiwi's, and as such the outside centre is the more flamboyant player.
Personally concentrate on his strengths as a player, as the ME will make sure it uses this to his advantage (like speed assisting with deciding how likely they will be the one to support in a linebreak situation)

Is jumping useful for anything other than lineouts?

Yes, catching up and unders.

Pages 21 - 30

Is it possible for a team 2 division lower, not even close to the same csr as their opponent, winning?

I've seen on two occasion (in consecutive weeks) now the far better team scoring from their own 22 after 80 minutes to snatch victory, and doing so via some kidna mistake by the lesser team.
One must wonder...
You can't use CSR as the only guide to how good a team is though.
Look at my friendly yesterday, I won because I had players with the right skills, in the right positions. Also I knew I had to play by the book, otherwise I would give away too many penalties, as well I played ball in hand rugby as my kicker was poor.
Things you need to look for are very speedy wingers (with good defence as a bonus to stop breaks), high technique forwards, and tactics that suit your team (strong backline, then high creative/expansive percentages)

You have a 15 kicker on 3 form and a 13 kicker on 11 form. Which kicker would be better?

The second one. Actually I think even a 10 kicker on 11 form would be better than the 15 one in crappy form.

can a player with dead energy levels still play in a match, and if not, who would replace him?

He will play, though I would not suggest using him, as he may as well not be playing.

Does a centre always need agility? If I have a player with reputable strength and speed but only limited agility and I play him at centre, will the ME make him go through people rather than trying to go round?

It helps to have all round skilled players. The ME could use all or any type of skill to determine if a line break has been made. Good strength will help.

Do know if you can answer, but how is the in-game training broken down, is it general such as team training or broken down into specific skills for specific positions. For example are skills which have benefits for all positions, such as Technique given an even distribution of training or would the Flankers, 2nd Row (and Hooker??) given a greater % technique training.
Further example would be, I am right in assuming that playing on the wing will give a player more speed training than other positions and likewise a prop would get more strength etc.
The question is " is the in-game training broken down, is it general such as team training or broken down into specific skills for specific positions. " not the specific points

It is broken down by position, so a prop for example will gain more strength.

Hiphop, who would make a better lock. A 215 cm player with limited jumping and reputable handling or a 200cm player with admirable jumping and moderate handling? Who would you pick?

Well both have there advantages, one will give you a consistent jump, but with a major downside of dropping the ball straight after he recieves it.
I would probably take the 215cm guy and if he is young, work to get him much better in jumping.

Wanted to double check as making Stamina a priority for my players.
Looking at 16 Stamina as the minimum.
If my best player can play with higher energy levels longer it will make him much more of a threat at the end of games.

It really will make a big difference, your best players will be so much better as they have lost half the skills compared to guys half the stamina level but the same skill base. Thing is, can you make stamina that important, more important than training base skills up to higher levels? (And the advantage that you can use your training sessions to increase the key skills more easily)

Pages 31 - 40

I've got a few older guys in my team, and don't think i have ever seen anyone over the age of 30.. And was just wondering when they retire? Do you get warning? Or do you have to retire them? Or do they drag around until your able to replace them?

Skills start dropping at some point. Currently I believe it's 35.

Question about stadium attendances: I am still unable to pack out my stadium on my current upgrade to 7300. I still get 30 short of my total corporate and still 75 short for my members seats (i have 1010 members and 850 seats). I just won the cup and i hosted the final and still didn't pack out, and am also 2nd in Div 1 so i cant do too much more to improve my chances. Is it random the amount that turns up to the game or what?

Have a read of the docs. I think you need to make sure you staffed correctly. Even when you don't get an email, you can still be understaff, so check members contentment, as well members contentment can be affected by using WNWIM or LTNT.

Would you prefer a prop with reputable technique and strength or admirable strength and decent technique? (all other stats being equal)

I will take the second one. Though both are fine, one is better in general play (higher tech), while the others gives bonus's to the scrum that would be more preferable for my approach to the game.

Does experience pops affect csr?

No. But experience can be thought of as something to take into account when a player is out of form, but has lots of experience, still may play better than a guy in form, but no experience.

Does playing different kinds of tactics affect player's energy?
For instance:
Driving saps Forward's energy faster...
Expansive saps Back's energy faster...
Lots of kicking kills Forward's energy?

No. All players lose energy at the same rate depending on there stamina levels.

What is the exact height difference in forwards that leads to the ME calculating a scrum/lineout disadvantage?
Is it 10cm? 15cm? 5cm?
Are there different differentials betweens the Hooker and other positions; I can understand having props roughly the same size but since the hooker goes in between it seems like he could be substantially smaller without penalty.
Again are there different differentials for the lock position as well?
I.e. is the height disparity that triggers the 'disadvantage' the same between No. 4 and No. 5 position as it is between No. 1, No. 2, and No.3?

The height difference for the front row comes in about 15cm from memory. Thing is, most hookers these days push in the scrum, rather than the old days where they really just hooked the ball.
As for the locks, I think it's about 25cm from memory before any penalty is calculated.
How are we getting out scrummed by 108kg forwards?

Thats may be because other teams have concentrated on technique and strength for there players, which is more important than weight.
Weight provides a bonus at scrum time, but this is relative to how powerful your scrum is to start with.
A 150kg guy may look good on paper, but unless he has the require attributes to go with this, then he is useless. No different to the fat guy on the train, you wouldn't suddenly think he will make a great prop just because he weighs a lot, he has no stamina (as he is puffs just walking onto the train), and no strength as he struggles to pickup his laptop bag.

Is rush defence the best counter against pick-up-and-go? Or rather man-on-man? And is drift defence the best counter for driving?

Rush is great vs pick n go and driving.
Drift is best against expansive.

Who would you choose as a goal kicker? An impressive Kicker in reputable form or a decent kicker in impressive form?
How big of an impact does form have on goalkicking?

Probably just on the impressive kicker, it's about breakeven on loss/gains. Experience would come into play there as well. High experience (which most goalkickers tend to have), gives that boost to the success rate.
Form is very important in this game. Though form fluctuates, and there is still some time before the finals kick off.
The metres gained by your kicker - is this the number of metres up the pitch he moves his team, or the *actual* distance he kicks the ball?

If a kicker moves his team 40m up the pitch that is a good gain. However, if a kicker kicks from the centre of the pitch, and only kicks the ball 40m in a straight line, they will only make about 10m which is quite poor.
The distance he kicks the ball, but with these conditions.

* If it does out, it's calculated as the final distance where it went out. If that's 10m, then the kick only went 10m.

* The ball is usually passed back to the kicker, so although it may go 40m, the ball may have been passed back 5m to the kicker from the last breakdown/set piece, so if fact you really gained only 35m from the kick.

Are the placed kicks (penalties, conversions, kick-off...) taken into account in the distance kicked?

Penalties I believe are. The rest no.

Do you know the ratio between strenght and weight in a scrum and height and jumping for locks in a lineout:
Ex: 1 strength = 15kg
1 jumping = 5cm

Strength is strength. Weight is seperate. 2 calculations are done, with one affecting the other. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out what I am saying there.
As for the jumping equal to height, I won't reveal the exact amount, only to say it's less than what you suggested

Is technique ever used to decide if a tackle is made or missed?

I don't believe it is. Technique would be way too important if it did.

You have previously said (concerning defense) that-
1) Rush is good v Driving and Pick and Go
2) Drift is good v expensive
3) Man on Man is good v creative (I assume)
But do these have weakenesses?
Eg, while drift is good v pick and go, is it worse against creative for example? If so, can you tell us?

Rush seems to be worst against creative. Drift doesn't seem to be as good against PnG and Driving.
Man on Man I am unfamiliar with, so I hesitate to make a call on it's weakness (you will also note that I didn't make a call on it's strength either!)

Which would you rather have, a strong set of forwards with weak backs or a strong set of backs with weak forwards?

You obviously didn't see my old Hippos forward pack which was made up of nearly all internationals.

Pages 41 - 50
In your opinion what do you think causes a team to have more handling errors playing one team versus another team - form?
Or is there some equation based on Handling versus defence and I would guess you would have to add intensity into the equation as well.

Luck of the dice roll in most instances. Handling is mainly affected by your players actual handling ability, rather than other elements. Even players with non-existant handling will catch the majority of the balls thrown there way.

Do you know how far is it possible to train a player with facilities and coach lvl3? Amazing? Grand? Superior?

Not quite sure as I restarted before I hit those levels (I trained allround players rather than one skill superstars)
I would assume that you could easily train to L15, maybe even 16 with L3 stuff in place.

If club games gives ZERO team training, does it also mean ZERO Experience gained in club games?
Also, how much more Experience does International games give, and does a player gain Experience when playing LTNT in an International....??

Experience is the same no matter what intensity you play. In game training is onyl affected this way. You do get more experience for NT/U20 games, how much I am not sure, but it does seem to be a lot more looking at the experience levels of those players in such a short time.

Is there a negative to having a large gap between your front row and second row in height? Eg 170cm front row and 210cm 2nd row. I've looked around but can't find anything either way.

No, it's probably ideal to maximise your scrum and lineout, though if the props are the lifters you might not be provided with as much advantage, but if you have 210cm locks, who cares!

i know strength is important for insides but what about outside centre? i have an outside centre with horrible strength, and he seems to play ok most of the time...

It's one of those things that would be great on any player, but not essential on all. Would prefer my players with strength, even if I am not going to train it, as it may contribute enough to assist me in breaking a tackle.

You said earlier that if we play WNWIM, the players’ fitness will drop before the game. And from my understanding players who are not at perfect energy level will get injured easier. So does that mean a team playing WNWIM will have a bigger injury chance than the other team playing LTNT, provided all players start at perfect energy level?

Not fitness, but stamina levels drop after the game.
LTNT increases the chance of serious injury in the game, WNWIM reduces it.

if you were free to chose between defenses, what would you pick against a team with very balanced tactics (all at 25%)?
i mean, in that case, what ever you pick, you'll have at least 50% of attacks suitable to beat your defensive strategy.
maybe drift since expansive and creative are the most dangerous attacking plays?

Rush, as it's good against 3 of those attack types.

This may be a stupid question, but i know a few teams that have star scrum and fly halfs, how do you get them involved in the game? as far as i know, creative sends the ball to the centres, expansive to wingers, p&g + driving to the forwards, so what sends it to scum half, fly half and fullback?

Different things occur. Having a star scrum half would probably setup some great attacking platforms, dependant on whether the players outside him had the skills to take advantage of it. Awesome speed on a star player, would see that player be most likely to appear when a linebreak is created, which is probably a great thing to see as you maximise your chances of scoring.
But ultimately this is a team game, and while a star player can make a difference, if they rest of the team is missing tackles or dropping balls, there is only so much he can do.

My team is rubbish at up and unders, recovering about 25% of them if I'm lucky. What is needed to execute up and unders well?

Great attack if you want to collect them (but it also requires handling).

Say i was rying to exploit someones weaknesses on this wing. but they had fairly good centers, Would Expansive or Creative be the better option?

Both are going to have some input into the game. Both expansive and creative would work well, now it just depends on what defence type they use as that has just as much influence on which one you should use.

Hey, Hipho, do you know how energy realy works? And how important it realy is?
I mean, if i have a player with impressive primaries skills for his position that is fit (6 out of 11 levels in energy) and another one whit decent on those skills and is in perfect energy (11 ou of 11), and if they both have the same stamina, who will play better in the game?
Or will the guy with higher skills play better for sometime but drop his quality very soon in the match?

Play the decent guy. Fit level is very poor, and will play like half the player.

Which player would you prefer to play: (they have exactly the same height, weight, CSR, stats and disciplines)
Player A has Impressive Form and Weary Energy
Player B has Moderate Form and Perfect Energy

Also, which player would you prefer to have at TIGHTHEAD prop?

11 Strength and Technique

9 Strength and Technique

I wouldn't play anybody at weary levels no matter how good they were.
As for the other one, I would play the guy with the higher skills.

Will my scrum suffer if my hooker is 15cm shorter than my props?


Hey hiphop, just wondering which centre position (12 or 13) does more defensive work cos at the moment both my players in those positions have very similar skills but one has a few levels more in defence?

I would think the 12, as the ball has to get to him first most times before it gets to the 13.

Which is more improtant Energy or Form?

Energy. But both have an impact.

In my last match, the other team intercepted the ball 5 times. Luckily, my backs tackled them before they score. Is there something I can do to avoid this?

Improve your handling, that can affect the quality of your passes.

Do you have to have a level 3 training facility before a level 3 coach can train their extra sessions? And vice versa with the other equivalent levels?

You need the higher level facility before you get the benefits of any other higher level stuff (like trainers).

Does "speed" count i the defensive aspect of the game?

Very important, especially after a linebreak, someone has to run 'em down and then MAKE the tackle.
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Best of ask Hipop thread (old)
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